Peak Facebook?

Peak Facebook
Now that we have crypto, facebook and other FANG related stocks are less valuable. The private ledgers of these FANG companies don’t provide as much public good as the public blockchains. In the future they will become less relevant.

For example, this author describes peak facebook as a result of lower daily active users and monthly active users associated with the countries that generate cash for the company. Interestingly, the United States and Europe provide more revenue than most other regions.

Also, note that these FANG companies briefly disallowed ads related to cryptocurrency projects on their platforms. They have since retracted that block, probably because they are desperate for the revenue provided by high growth crypto. In my opinion, investing in crypto is like skiing downhill vs cross country skiing. It’s more fun because gravity is your friend. The world is going in this direction.

If you look at the Brave browser gaining in market share, this also is a bad omen for the online advertisement industry. How ugly this battle will get I don’t know. But the incumbents don’t want to surrender easily as they are in denial.

There are many more battles to be fought in the crypto wars. I know of a few but these will have to be written about in future articles. In the mean time, enjoy your weekend as I am starting my vacation soon. I will try to post the next time I have inspiration.
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