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Why We Will Adopt the Hard Fork of Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash will be hard forking on November 13 to fix the emergency difficulty adjustment (EDA) algorithm so that block times don't fluctuate wildly . Fixing the EDA is a good thing, but this hard fork has a number of problems: Read full blog post here .

Why I Will Make $1 Million Dollars With Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash — 100 stories, 100 opinions, 100 pro and cons What is this coin ? A useless forked Bitcoin ? Or maybe it is the “real” Bitcoin ? Or just an altcoin which is going to die ? Who knows, but…. …..on the one hand Bitcoin Cash is controversial since the first day it was mentioned leading to a big argue between the two camps until now, on the other hand it has some different technical aspects. This is what the most people know about Bitcoin Cash, this is, lets say in the “light” at the moment. But in the shadow of Bitcoin Cash something is going on that i want to share with you and i think the time is now to take a closer look at Bitcoin Cash. Read full article here .

Bitcoin Cash: How It's Going to Triple My Net Worth by Boyd Douglas Stone

When you see BCH in this article, think Bitcoin Cash since BCH is the symbol for Bitcoin Cash. When you see BTC, think Bitcoin. I believe rich investors are buying BCH as cheaply as they can. So am I. BCH is going to reach parity—equality—with BTC. BCH is going to become as valuable as BTC has been, making me a lot of money. When BTC gets replaced by BCH, there will be a mad scramble to dump BTC and buy BCH. When that happens, the price of BCH will spike, and if all goes well, I'll make a few hundred grand. I've got 90 BCH now, and I want to accumulate a total of 100. Now, I'm not telling you to invest in Bitcoin Cash like I am. This article is not investment advice; these are just my plans. Don't do it yourself. It's a very risky bet, and I might lose the $40,000 I have invested. Also, it's possible that BTC will be replaced by Litecoin or Ethereum or some other coin or token. It's even possible that BTC will continue increasing in value. Read the full

LendingClub  - The Fast Growth FinTech You Didn’t See Coming

LendingClub (LC) has become a boon for borrowers as well as investors and has turned into a viable option in comparison to loans from banks. Let us look at reasons behind its fast growth. In the early days I used to get 20%+ returns annually from trading LendingClub notes. That rate of return has fallen but I still believe in . I even still have the monthly statements to prove it. Also, LendingClub has extremely powerful network effects. LendingClub and Its Utility for Borrowers and Investors LendingClub is operating a unique credit marketplace which allows peer to peer lending as well as investing. Due to machine learning, crowd consensus and other mechanisms, LendingClub typically provides lower rates in comparison to what banks offer. For instance, in a recent interview with Bloomberg, LendingClub CEO Scott Sanborn states that customers save on average 24% interest, when borrowing with LendingClub. Read more about LendingClub here .