GME Infinity Squeeze or Market Crash?

1987 Crash

(S & P 500 Comparison Now to 1987)

I see many comparisons to the 1987 flash crash. The signs are visible everywhere. Some headlines include:
  • Supply Chains Broken
  • Possible China Bankruptcy
  • US Civil War Looming
  • Tether Likely Backed By Chinese Commercial Paper
  • And more
I wouldn't mind if Crypto took a 90% haircut to weed out the malinvestment. It has happened before and will happen again. Trading is hard, don't you think? Bitcoin has died “402” times. And many Crypto projects will die if we do get the “haircut”.

The markets are full of fraud. As a result, people will suffer. If you need more evidence of this, search for “Reddit Mental Health”. We are now in a bear market. When the big crash happens, it will be fast thanks to high frequency traders. Your stop loss won't work. You will take on excess stress and insomnia. It's time to get out now. Stagflation is happening before your eyes. Maybe participating in these markets was a bad idea. Idiot traders bought the dip. I hope they learn their lesson this time.

Enough about the bad news. You are probably wondering what am I doing about it? I currently own two equities. GME for moon protection and SPXS for crash protection. I like GME due to the asymmetrical bet that there will be a short squeeze. On Reddit, some users are saying that GME Short Interest (SI), is between 3,000% and 10,000%. I can't prove it but if GME squeezes, we are going to infinity and beyond. Look at the VW squeeze or DGAZF if you don't believe me. GME is poaching Big Tech Execs. Plus, GME Insiders just bought a boat load of GME shares.

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Caution Wet Floor
(Caution Wet Floor)

I own GME and SPXS and like the stocks. This blog is my opinion and should not be construed as financial advice. Thanks for reading.


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