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Crypto Death Spiral Incoming

Crypto has had a good run in 2021. What I'm seeing now is weakness in the entire US economy and by extension cryptocurrencies as well. There are bad hedge funds who are manipulating the stock market by creating shares from thin air using naked shorts. This strategy worked well for a while but now they have dug a hole too deep to get out of alive. What I am anticipating is that karma is a bitch. Once the regulators step in and have adjusted to this new reality, we will see a financial meltdown similar to the financial crisis of 2008. Many experts have warned us that this is happening. Most people are too addicted to easy gains to notice. You are probably wondering what to do about this problem. My answer is to buy Gamestop ( GME ). After conducting extensive research into crypto markets and the stock market, I have found that there are not too many safe places to put your money. GME is number one on my list because there is a tremendous short squeeze happening now. If you want to re