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The Possibilities Are Endless With Bitcoin Cash And SmartBCH

  Typically, when we talk about Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the SmartBCH side-chain we imagine that they are used to create currencies/tokens and trade them on decentralized finance platforms (DeFi) performing swaps, exchanges and farming between different assets, thus earning profits from risk taking. SmartBCH has infinite possibilities and can be used to create Smart Contracts that work and have practical use in the lives of people and decentralized financial entities. What is the SmartBCH side-chain capable of creating? Practically everything. That's right, SmartBCH can clone everything that was made in the Ethereum (ETH) network and even more, creating things that can still be explored using smart contracts created in decentralized blockchains. If for example, we saw finance platforms being born on the Ethereum network like those that created smart contracts and offer decentralized loan services using cryptocurrencies as collateral, the SmartBCH network may also have projects focus