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Predicting the Outcome of the November Bitcoin Fork by Ryan X. Charles

On approximately November 18, Bitcoin will split into two chains: Segwit1x and Segwit2x . Because these chains share the same proof-of-work function (PoW) and neither change the difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA), it is unlikely that both will survive simultaneously. View the link above to read the full article.

The Bitcoin Vision: Lost but Found, and Being a Part of it by Bitcoin Optimist

In 2013 and 2014, the Bitcoin community was much more united than it is now. Back then, the community's excitement level rose when businesses announced they were going to accept Bitcoin . It was sign of legitimacy taking root when companies such as Microsoft, Overstock, Expedia, and Newegg started accepting Bitcoin - as well as the many other businesses Bitpay, Coinbase, and others brought aboard. The community eagerly awaited for the next big company to start accepting Bitcoin, as one major criticisms at the time was "what good is it if you can't spend it anywhere?" As this was a valid concern, the community consensus was unanimously in favor of accelerating business adoption.

Why I Will Make $1 Million Dollars With Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash — 100 stories, 100 opinions, 100 pro and cons What is this coin ? A useless forked Bitcoin ? Or maybe it is the “real” Bitcoin ? Or just an altcoin which is going to die ? Who knows, but…. …..on the one hand Bitcoin Cash is controversial since the first day it was mentioned leading to a big argue between the two camps until now, on the other hand it has some different technical aspects. This is what the most people know about Bitcoin Cash, this is, lets say in the “light” at the moment. But in the shadow of Bitcoin Cash something is going on that i want to share with you and i think the time is now to take a closer look at Bitcoin Cash. Read full article here .

What are the Main Drivers Behind Positive Bitcoin Cash Movement?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH aka BCC) has been the focus of discussion for many cryptocurrency experts and there are valid reasons for such inquiry. Bitcoin Cash is experiencing significant growth and moving in the right direction right from when the main Bitcoin blockchain hard forked. Let us go through details of how it is performing and also check the reasons which are fueling such positive movement. Rising Bitcoin Cash Prices Yesterday, there has been over 18% improvement in exchange rate (BCH/USD) from the low to the high, helping Bitcoin Cash attain $550.00 level with a network cap of about $9.1 billion. As such, it has reached the top 3rd position of cryptocurrencies by their network cap. I use network cap rather then market cap because it is not an equity and does not have earnings. What is causing the price rise for Bitcoin Cash? There are several reasons for such a price rise, let us look at them here: The most important reason is that there has been a surge in trading volu

A Closer Look into - A Content Management Platform That Uses Bitcoin Cash and is Quickly Gaining Popularity

There are several content management platforms that content creators can make use of and now there is a new one called So, what is special about it that differentiates it from others and how content creators can benefit by using this platform? Let us look at the answers to these questions in the following sections. Read more about and Bitcoin Cash here .

A Closer Look into the Progress Bitcoin Cash Has Made So Far After the Hardfork

In our last article ( Launch of Bitcoin Cash on August 1 and Its Implications for Bitcoin Holders ) we discussed how it all started for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on August 1 when there was a Bitcoin Segwit (BTC) hard fork. Read more about Bitcoin Cash here .

3 Reasons Bitcoin Cash Could Beat BTC

(Bitcoin Cash) This video shares 3 reasons that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) could be Bitcoin (BTC).