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Telegram and the Future of ICOs

As regulators worldwide begin to crack down on ICOs, start-ups are becoming more weary of the risks associated with public offerings. In many cases, companies are skirting these regulations with air drops, or the distribution of free tokens, at least for the time being. One of the most notable ICOs that may be skipping its public offering is Telegram . Despite the cancelation rumors, the messaging app already enjoys the position of first ever billion-dollar ICO. EOS also had a big raise. So far, Telegram has already raised over $1.7 billion in private sales, as confirmed by recent SEC filings. "The goal of fundraising is to gain access to capital to allow a team to build a product and company. It appears Telegram has already achieved their goal so there would be no reason to conduct a public sale," explained Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Capital Blockchain. Telegram has remained silent regarding the possible delay or outright cancelation of their public offerin

The Future Of Bitcoin, Ethereum & ICOs

This is a great video which discusses the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum and ICOs. The most interesting part is at the 1 hour mark where Craig Wright explains some of the future technology which will exist in Bitcoin Cash or does already. I was super impressed after watching it and suggest you do the same. 1GB blocks are not the end goal. Block size will get bigger and bigger over time. Hard forks will become the norm, not shunned. According to Craig Wright in the video, hard forks occurred all the time in early days of Bitcoin. The way you determine if new changes to the software will work is by testing. In the end, the market will decide which coin to value the highest not influencers. Economics still works as long as the data sources are not corrupt. Please watch the video. You will be glad you did.

What is Metal and What Role It Can Play in Development of Cryptocurrencies?

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Interview with Marshall Hayner CEO of @metalpaysme if you have 30 min to spare this is a pretty good interview! $MTL

From the CEO of Metal, Marshall Hayner -

Ethereum Based ICOs to Watch Out For in 2017 - Steemit

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