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Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrencies Will Come to a "Bad Ending"

Warren Buffett: #Cryptocurrencies Will Come to a 'Bad Ending': — Jared Schlar (@jaredsc) January 11, 2018 Personally, I don't think Warren Buffett understands what a "cryptocurrency" is. He is clearly threatened by them the same way that Jaime Dimon is. I don't think time will favor him in this case and he is definitely not open to new ways of conducting business including lucrative new business models. Berkshire Hathaway will have to hire an even younger CEO to keep up. Good luck to him. Interested in learning more? Explore our  Connecticut SEO Agency  and delve into our  Bitcoin Blogspot  for a wealth of free, original content. Don't miss out—share this post, and thank you for reading!