Why You Should Surrender to Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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The Bitcoin (BTC) vs Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been raging since last summer. While BTC continues to get more media attention, things could change very soon (as I’m sitting here typing this, BCH is up 13%). Today I’m going to give you 3 good reasons why you WILL regret ignoring BCH— and, no transaction speed isn’t one of them.

Look, it’s already been established that Bitcoin Cash is superior to BTC for use as an everyday currency. The transaction speeds are incomparable, and with the upgrade to 32MB blocks coming in May, it’s only going to get better. There simply is no debate anymore; despite all the hype surrounding the Lightening Network, BTC still has not caught up to BCH in terms of practicality as a digital currency. The transaction speed war is over, and Bitcoin Cash won.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, there are 3 more reasons why you should not be sleeping on BCH:


Now this is an interesting one…Memo is basically a blockchain-based social media platform. It functions as both a front-end application and a protocol which utilizes the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to store data. Described as an “on-chain social network”, users can create a profile that is linked to a specific Bitcoin Cash address, along with a public/private key pair.

Memo solves the two main problems with massive, centrally-controlled social media platforms: censorship and lack of control over your data. As it stands right now, Facebook can delete your posts and even your entire profile at any time, for any reason. They can also harvest your data and make billions of dollars using it in ways you may not like, and there really isn’t a whole lot you can do about it.

Memo protects user privacy and allows users to share content without fear of censorship, since by its very nature, the BCH blockchain cannot be altered. The developers chose build Memo with BCH due to its very low transaction costs. Users can create a profile for as little as one dollar, and pay in BCH to use Memo’s features (interactions with other users cost less than one cent).

It’s important to note that Memo is in its’ very early stages (still in the alpha testing period), but so far the response by users has been positive. In time, Memo could set the groundwork for creating a viable alternative to traditional centralized social media platforms which literally depends on violating its users’ privacy to sustain themselves.


Let’s face it, cryptocurrency is kind of complicated. It’s a new technology, and has a whole new technical vocabulary to go along with it. For the uninitiated, or to those who are simply not technically inclined, the thought of using BCH or any other coin can be confusing or intimidating. In order for the adoption of cryptocurrency to truly become global, it has to be EASY to use— as easy as sending a text message.

That’s exactly what the team behind CoinText has done; with their service, you can send and receive BCH by simply sending SMS texts. That’s right— with CoinText, you don’t even need to be connected to the internet to use Bitcoin Cash. They have literally made cryptocurrency simple enough for your grandmother to use.

How does it work? CoinText is basically a cloud-based software wallet. Instead of controlling your wallet via user interface in an app or website, you control it using SMS text commands. Each country where CoinText is available has a special number for their service. You simply text the command to that number, and it is executed. For example, if you live in the US, texting “Check balance” to the CoinText number for the US (1-707-777-6185), and you’ll receive a text back displaying your balance in both BCH and USD.

Even in the world’s poorest countries, cell phones are now widely available. With CoinText, billions of people with no access to modern banking can now get in on the crypto revolution, and the coin they’ll be using is Bitcoin Cash.

Yours .org

If you create content on the internet, and other people find value in it, you should be able to get paid for it. It’s only fair, right? But monetizing web content with ads or affiliate links complicated, and if you are using a third party like YouTube, they can theoretically demonetize you at any time. Many people who could be getting paid for their writing, music, art, photos and more simply accept that their output is a passion project and they can’t get paid for it.

Well now you can, thanks to Yours. With this clever site, you can earn Bitcoin Cash for doing all the things you normally post on social media!

Let’s say you post an article. Yours allows you to post the article and offer a preview of what you wrote, with the rest hidden behind a paywall. Users will pay an amount you choose in BCH to read the rest. Alternatively, you can offer the whole article free and allow readers to tip you in BCH. (Yours.org gets a 5% cut)

You can even earn BCH by upvoting good content— if you are one of the early ones to vote on it. As more votes are cast, the reward keeps halving. In this way, the first 25% or so of voters always make a profit.

Yours.org not only monetizes content, it incentivizes the creation of good content, and improves the overall quality of content on the web; a content meritocracy financed by BCH. Thanks to Yours, tortuously stupid clickbait articles could soon become a thing of the past.

Want to learn more about Bitcoin Cash? Come join me TONIGHT at the New York Bitcoin Cash Meetup at the Ryan’s Daughter Irish pub in Manhattan, details below:

Ryan’s Daughter
350 E 85th St
New York, New York 10028

Event runs 8:30PM to 11:00PM. (We’ll be in the upstairs room)

See you there!
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