What Is My Bitcoin Net Worth?

There is an ongoing debate about Bitcoin and its utility value. The answer to the question “What is my Bitcoin net worth” is ZERO because I don’t own Bitcoin (BTC). I’m a big proponent for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). If you like friction, buy Bitcoin (BTC). Google “Bitcoin High Fee Coin” and you will get tons of information. There is not enough time for that discussion in this article.

Also, view this link for a great comparison of Bitcoin Legacy vs Bitcoin Cash:

I like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and EOS (EOS) because I believe they enable freedom, equality and world peace. Although today BCH may not have as many network effects as Bitcoin (BTC), it is growing fast in all regards. Not to mention Dr. Craig Wright has publicly stated that Bitcoin Cash is patenting everything. In a perfect open world, patents may not be ideal but if it is nChain that owns the patents versus a big bank, I sleep well knowing nChain already thought of future scaling problems and markets. nChain is proposing a crypto bank that states its funds held in reserve without fractional banking.

Also, Bitcoin Cash will enable trade in more countries this world over. Think about the economic value of Africa, parts of Asia, South America and other places that do not currently do trade globally because banks won’t trade with these countries. By enabling transactions with a $.01 fee or lower, Bitcoin Cash is in essence allowing people and businesses that couldn’t trade previously to store value in a Bitcoin Cash wallet irrespective of amount and freely transact with their peers. If the world becomes wealthier, one can assume that there would be less demand for bad actors because there is more prosperity to spread around.

By supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) you are creating a world you would rather live in. And by the way, there is plenty of money to be made on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Since its inception, it is one of the best performing coins. Remember that Bitcoin Legacy has been around for 9 years. Bitcoin Cash has been around for 5.5 months. BCH has the second largest hash rate of all major coins.

It was economics that ended the cold war, not weapons of mass destruction. You can anticipate this same principle applied to Bitcoin Cash and the future of free trade.

My advice right now:

Everybody in #crypto #markets should just #chill right now.

— Jared Schlar
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