There Are Only Two Cryptos That Matter Right Now by Jared Schlar

In my opinion after extensive research I have determined that only two crypto coins or tokens matter until after the Segwit hard fork. This article was previously behind a paywall and is now free.

In my paid content you can discover my rationale for this including extensive research I conduct daily. This article is paid and I hope it provides a large value to readers with new insights. My background as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst helps me understand indicators about the crypto world that are hard to quantify without the same training.

#1 Bitcoin

#2 Bitcoin Cash

When the Bitcoin Cash fork happened people would borrow Bitcoin on margin at crazy interest rates just to get exposure to the fork. There is now and I anticipate more until the BTC fork, a rush to accumulate new BTC to get a sort of dividend after the BTC fork. What the exact split ratio will be, I don’t think anyone is totally sure at this point. The powers that be have a huge incentive to make the fork come out as net positive to encourage the next round of adoption to crypto. Afterall, everyone likes free money and average people will see that if they bought BTC pre-fork they would get free money afterwards. If this happens with the Segwit2x fork as well as the Bitcoin Cash fork it is a no brainer.

Bitcoin Cash seems more innovative then Bitcoin. This will enable it to scale massively over time. You can expect more Bitcoin Cash forks in the future to accommodate for growth in block size. Craig Wright said his company is testing 1GB blocks currently. Bitcoin Cash also has to overcome the network effects associated with BTC. I think this is successfully being done but takes time to onboard new exchanges, create new wallets and garner more widespread adoption among merchants. Bitcoin Cash also addresses a much larger market the “Global Money Supply” $127.8T vs the “Gold Market” $7.7T.

With that said, BTC is the largest coin by a large margin and has displaced all other coins at this point in time. That is not a mistake. So my bets right now for the only two important coins in crypto right now are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. I think the ICO gold rush will have to wait until ICO tokens gain huge momentum in price and create a trend. I am bullish Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. I think Bitcoin Cash has the most to gain in the long run.

Roger Ver, Satoshi Nakamoto and others want to follow the original whitepaper and could move huge sums to Bitcoin Cash over time, once the risk is manageable.

*Note, this is my opinion and is not financial advice. Contact your financial advisor for financial advice. Also, as we all know in crypto things can work out differently then estimated. Good luck!

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