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The Bitcoin Vision: Lost but Found, and Being a Part of it by Bitcoin Optimist

In 2013 and 2014, the Bitcoin community was much more united than it is now. Back then, the community's excitement level rose when businesses announced they were going to accept Bitcoin . It was sign of legitimacy taking root when companies such as Microsoft, Overstock, Expedia, and Newegg started accepting Bitcoin - as well as the many other businesses Bitpay, Coinbase, and others brought aboard. The community eagerly awaited for the next big company to start accepting Bitcoin, as one major criticisms at the time was "what good is it if you can't spend it anywhere?" As this was a valid concern, the community consensus was unanimously in favor of accelerating business adoption.

Bitcoin Cash: How It's Going to Triple My Net Worth by Boyd Douglas Stone

When you see BCH in this article, think Bitcoin Cash since BCH is the symbol for Bitcoin Cash. When you see BTC, think Bitcoin. I believe rich investors are buying BCH as cheaply as they can. So am I. BCH is going to reach parity—equality—with BTC. BCH is going to become as valuable as BTC has been, making me a lot of money. When BTC gets replaced by BCH, there will be a mad scramble to dump BTC and buy BCH. When that happens, the price of BCH will spike, and if all goes well, I'll make a few hundred grand. I've got 90 BCH now, and I want to accumulate a total of 100. Now, I'm not telling you to invest in Bitcoin Cash like I am. This article is not investment advice; these are just my plans. Don't do it yourself. It's a very risky bet, and I might lose the $40,000 I have invested. Also, it's possible that BTC will be replaced by Litecoin or Ethereum or some other coin or token. It's even possible that BTC will continue increasing in value. Read the full

A Closer Look into - A Content Management Platform That Uses Bitcoin Cash and is Quickly Gaining Popularity

There are several content management platforms that content creators can make use of and now there is a new one called So, what is special about it that differentiates it from others and how content creators can benefit by using this platform? Let us look at the answers to these questions in the following sections. Read more about and Bitcoin Cash here .