What is the Next Value Driver for Crypto in 2018?

What I'm looking for is the next big driver of value to the crypto markets. In 2017, we had credit cards and social media. What I'm trying to figure out is what will the 2018 killer value app be for crypto? What can we do to increase adoption to the crypto markets? My goal is to find direct ways to contribute. For example, I have a crypto blog which you can read for free.

Some drivers of value to Crypto in 2018 include:
  • Working decentralized marketplaces for physical and digital goods to disintermediate from middlemen. 
  • Inter-blockchain communication.
  • Killer deployment tools. 
  • (DEX) Decentralized Exchanges. I've used https://token.store and it works wonderfully for ETH tokens. The UI is quite intuitive. The exchange doesn't hold your private key. 
  • More gateways (on ramps).
  • More smart contracts on Ethereum and other networks. 
Please add any additional ideas to this list by subscribing to my blog and leaving a comment. Thank you.


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